Mama J Cookbook

Central to the Pepys estate, JJ recounts her own roots and ethos that is bringing the local community together, this is her story… 

Food By Mama JJ

From Freetown Kisaumi to Southampton to the Pepys estate, London (Pepys Library SE8)

The village ethos 

food for thought

the community was brought together with food


around the table

open house bring and share.  

Communication through food is the key on a Wednesday

and most days

you can come and get a freshly cooked meal

and for the homeless you get a packed lunch

sharing recipes and creating a cookbook

cookery on a low budget

and what to do with a tin of beans

we have no set menu

in fact

it’s what do you have to go in the pot

end result

a Mama J’s cookBook

and Healthy Living

Words from JJ

Photo by JJ