Fiji To Pepys

PW has lived on the Pepys Estate as a council tenant since 1982 and feels the area is improving and the council is doing a good job, “although there is always room for improvement.” This is her story… 

River View by PW

River View by PW

“I have not always lived in London, but always loved London, came as a young woman from Fiji. Travelled around, lived in Essex, Brighton, Bournemouth and Midlands and places like that.  I trained as a nurse and I am still a nurse.  I used to work in hospitals and now work in a home of a Christian charity.  In 1982 I moved to Pepys and have been in the same flat since then.  I have seen Pepys change a lot, it has been improving all the time, there is still room for improving further but it has got better. 

I like the river view, the ships that pass and in summer it is very nice, sometimes row boats come this way.  There is too much turnover of people in my flats now.  I am happy with my neighbours; some have been around as long as I have been there.  There is no threat to move us.  

The 1987 hurricane tore off the stairs to one of the towers, and that is why the cladding had to be attached so not to damage the building further.   There used to be car parks under the towers and shops. 

The council is doing reasonably good work on the estate.  In the 80s we had no security doors or security in the flat. There used to be a lot of break-ins and robberies.  They got rid of the car park and the newsagent’s, launderette and other shops moved all over the road.   They demolished lots of building across the road and built new ones, that didn’t cause anyone any problems.  I am happy where am I.  

The Aragon tower is really nice now, doesn’t belong to the council anymore.  Not sure about Eddystone tower**.  There used to be an underground car park there too but that was demolished.  There should be a concierge but council cannot fund it.  Yes, I am a council tenant. 

Council did a good job on the history plaques along the river walk.  There used to be dolphins in the Thames and Captain Cook left here and went to Fiji.”

Eddystone Tower Neighbourhood Office

Eddystone Tower Neighbourhood Office

** Followed up this with quick scan on Internet, the following is from Lewisham Homes

Eddiestone Tower

“We have been given planning permission to convert the old Pepys estate office in Eddystone Tower into 5 new council homes. We will create three flats and two maisonettes using this space.”

General information

Project Stage

Planning permission granted

Number of new homes




Start on site

November 2019

Work estimated to complete

November 2020

Number of homes for social rent


Number of homes for sale


Screenshot: Redevelopment of Eddystone Tower Neighbourhood Office